Vintage & Co. Memories: Upcycled & Loved

Up first is this farmhouse-style coffee bar. We love these old mini sideboards and paired this one with our homemade “Coffee Bar” chalkboard. The set was a hit and they are still two of my favorite coordinating pieces that we did. The customer purchased both!


One of our early upcycled pieces. It just seemed too boring to have three crates perfectly in line with each other. We added the feet and it was an instant farmhouse bookcase.

One of my favorite pieces … the vintage frame turned beautiful farmhouse sign with chalk writing by artist Rae Cross. It went so well with these mason jar candles from Primitives by Kathy.

Antique ironing board turned into a wall caddy for detergents, sprays, and more!

What do you do when you only have four bistro chairs? You make a table to go with them, of course, out of cast-off pieces.

This was one of our favorite upcycle pieces. A woman came into the store 2 hours after it was placed in the shop and said something made her stop in… and she either was a librarian or had been a librarian. It was perfect for her!

Another antique ironing board turned into a laundry room folding table or farmhouse decor piece.

Not really difficult to do but we used old antique drawers as display shelves.

Sewing machine tables… these are some of my favorite up-cycle projects. Handy Andy does a great job!

When Bon Ton closed we found these shelving units for sale. They originally had glass where the wood is. Awesome for storage … but they also looked great as home decor!

We’re not completely sure what this was originally, but it looked cool with these vintage table legs!

THIS was soooo cool! One of our very first up-cycled pieces. Wonder where it is now…

A wonderful porch bench made out of old barn wood, painted in a white-wash, rustic style.

A pure labor of love. Andrew took some of the old cast-off mailboxes from church, some old barn wood, old casters, and created this coffee table. Then he donated it to sell at the church to fundraise for the student benefit auction. Wow!

The multi-drawer caddy was made out of two secretary-style desk drawer inserts.

This was a customer’s idea. We had this old copper or iron grate and it was chosen to create this cabinet which became a place for shoes in the customer’s entryway.

This turned out so well! Andy had the vision for this piece to be used as a wine bar.

While this piece is very small, it was still upcycled. I found the small globe and added the finial and pedestal.

Another piece created for a customer. The same customer in fact, as the one mentioned above. He has a creative mind and would ask Andrew to make several pieces for his home. What a difference from the photo on the left!

This was an old piece that we decided to turn into a rustic bookcase with short legs.

This piece we absolutely loved. It sold right away so we didn’t get to “enjoy” it in the shop for very long. (We didn’t mind!) It was a mess when we first found it. Andrew made a new top for it and fixed/repaired drawers. A complete makeover of an old tool chest.

Another tiny upcycle project is a mini sign created out of Scrabble and anagram tiles. If you’ve been in the shop then you have probably seen many of them around.

I had always wanted a potting bench created for the shop and Handy Andy made this gray piece from an old library table. It was great because he added wheels and I could roll it in and out of the shop.

The suitcase table! I had wanted to make one of these for a while… and we finally created this one. I added the transfer to complete the look.

This six-drawer caddy was created out of sewing machine table drawers. Such a unique piece… the new owner bought it to be used as a jewelry box but it could have been great for craft room storage as well.

We have really enjoyed being creative these past eight years! (I’m sure there are more but we may not have taken pictures of them.) We thank you for supporting our shop and for buying the pieces we’ve made. If we were officially retired we could have made so much more. There is time for that ahead, I believe.

. We look forward to creating more pieces in the future!