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Welcome to Let’s Talk Vintage!

Each week we all gather together here to see what others

are working on, buying, selling, collecting or creating!

This week I am sharing an antique photo that a customer

brought into the shop with some other things.

This photo was my favorite. It’s a treasure really. At least, to me.


Is this great or what? I love how it looks like they were not aware

that the camera was ready to flash. Some are looking away.

Some have relaxed and leaned on another. Some are laughing/smiling.

Were they all gathered for a wedding? With all of those white dresses you have to wonder.

CloseUp AntPHoto

But if you look real close, you can tell some of the “bearded” men are young boys with wigs on!

CloseUp AntPhoto2

A friend suggested they were in some sort of play or production. I think that is a great guess!

If antique photos could talk, what would they be saying?

CloseUp AntPhoto4

“Boy is this suit hot!”  or “How long does this take?”


Zooming into the photo kind of makes the people seem real.

Which they were… but I think when we look at old photos

we don’t think about the life they may have lived.

What kind of personality they had, etc. 

As the old song goes… “if a picture paints a thousand words”…

And as if you didn’t know already, I ended up purchasing this

photo and some others from this customer. It was such a treasure to me.

Our Current Project:


A coffee bar!

Painted with a cream colored chalk paint with a

nice contrasting “cocoa” color on the top.


A little stenciling and it is in the shop already. I am

integrating some other “coffee” displays, a sign, etc.

Stay tuned for more as I work on this among

other projects! Always fun to be creative.




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and last, but not least, is Ann Marie of Musings of a Vintage Junkie who shared an amazing

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