Let’s Talk Vintage #114: Vintage Feather Tree Ornaments 5

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Today I’m sharing a short post due to the upcoming holiday.

I’m giving a small peek into my home office where

I decorate a smaller silver tree each year.


I have been collecting little tiny ornaments for several

years now and have enough to cover the tree.


They are sometimes called “Feather Tree” ornaments.

I found some great background info on Wikipedia:

Feather Christmas trees were first created in Germany in the 1880s or 1890s and are regarded as one of the first types of artificial Christmas trees. These first artificial trees were, in part, a response to growing environmental concerns in the late 19th century concerning deforestation associated with the harvest of Christmas trees in Germany. The tradition of feather Christmas trees was brought to the United States by German immigrants in places such as Pennsylvania and Texas.


Above is a picture of an antique feather tree

from the Wilipedia page.


I just love the size and shabbiness of

them. They come in all kinds of colors but

I just like the pastels. They vary is size, too.

I hang ornaments from 1/4″ to 2″.


Under the tree… little “putz” houses which come

from a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition.

And isn’t my chenille pipe cleaner Santa a cutie?


And right nearby, in front of my desk is small, glass-top

display case with pretty ornaments in a silver plated dish.


I’d love to share more but today I have a playdate to set up for Bebe

and some friends.


She asked if they could make Christmas cookies

together, a craft and exchange small gifts.

How could I say no to that?



Now let’s see who is featured this week:


Penny of Penny’s Vintage Home

shared her Farmhouse style Christmas Tree.

Always plenty of eye candy, great job, Penny!

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and check out this thrift store lantern snow globe,

found over at Deanie’s Stash.

Totally cute!


and finally, hop on over to Diana’s blog,

Adirondack Girl at Heart,

to see her cigar box Christmas diorama.

She has an eye and a creative spirit … always

 a pleasure to see what she is up to!



Now it’s your turn. Let’s Talk Vintage!

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