Let’s Talk Vintage #125: A Re-run

Hello! Welcome to Let’s Talk Vintage!

This is where we gather to chat about anything of olde.  Something you collect, vintage finds you’ve gathered,

or maybe something you cherish from a family legacy. Old recipes are good, too!

(This is the view from my office window)

First, before I type anything else, I want to tell you why this post is a re-run.

We had to make a change in website hosting and during this transition,

I lost my post from  Tuesday, the post I did the day of “STELLA,”

the big scary blizzard of 2017. So, the real

“Let’s Talk VIntage #125” was a casualty of the move.

But, since that is the only thing so far that I have noticed

that is missing, I’m not going to complain!

So, I can’t get back the features from that post… and due

to time constraints, I’m just going to cut my losses and run.

Or should I say RE-RUN.

I’ll just share a couple of my photos from the original LTV#125,

from our shop adventures/projects.

The sofa table, above, was my project from last week.

A paper label underneath revealed that it was made in 1989.

Not old but old enough to need updating!

 This side table was basically a rescue. It had a lot of damage

to the top… as in well, needed major repairing. So, this is why

something that was an antique, received the chalk paint treatment.

We were able to leave the drawer untouched and it looks pretty cool!

and last, is this project from two or three weeks ago that I forgot to share!

Hubby had brought home three wooden boxes or crates and I had a vision

that they would all look great together as a unique bookshelf.

So, my Dad helped the Hubby and ta-dah!

They were glued, nailed down, stained, and given feet.

Love this creation!


I do want to apologize for the re-run post and the lack of features.

 I know it takes some effort to come over here to the party…

and now your features, links, and pictures are out in

some cyber space black hole!

The good news? Here is the original link up!