Let’s Talk Vintage #126: A Myriad of Projects 8

Hello and Welcome to Let’s Talk Vintage!

I’m your host, Jill. 

I own a brick & mortar shop called Vintage & Co.

All are welcome here to link up their blog posts about vintage.

Why? Because we love to see what others are sharing…

Latest finds, projects, and more.

And we love to “Talk” about it!

Today I’m sharing some of our projects, some unfinished while others are done!

So, the unfinished. Take this mirror for example.

 I have started it, but have yet to finish.


It is ironic that the photo looks like it is going downhill!

I plan on using the tray at the bottom of the mirror for flowers or small succulents.

I’m open to other fun ideas!

This cute aqua table was another project that I started by giving it a

coat of chalk paint… and the hubby finished

the sanding and waxing for me! I put on the knob!

I was also busy adding a bunch of smalls to the shop.

We also have this unique and very pretty dresser to paint.

( I was very tempted to keep it, as is, because it was so charming!)

It is now in the “half finished” mode in the middle of our family room.

The weather got cold again and it is more difficult to get

pieces done when there is snow on the ground. We take

our pieces outside to sand them, which I’m sure everyone does.

It had this matching horizontal dresser and we gave it a beautiful

gray and white treatment last Fall and has since sold.


Besides all of that, we were in the middle

of a website and email host transfer.

It was really enough to make me run, screaming for

vacation, while pulling my hair out. But we made it through!

I think!

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