Custom Ordered Furniture Makeovers: Before & After

Every so often we receive custom orders. This is something I did not expect when we

first started. But, if we can help people who do not have the time or the resources

to paint the pieces themselves, then I am glad we can be of service.

And I’m glad we are fully stocked with Country Chic Paint!

So one day not too long ago, a sweet, sweet lady from New Jersey came in

and asked us if we could paint these two pieces she found at a consignment shop.

I definitely did not expect someone from out of state to ask us to paint furniture either.

But we said yes, I mean how could we not?

These are two awesome pieces!



Here is the first. A small secretary desk/ curio cabinet combo.

I just love the shape of the mirror on this one.

There was major scroll work to be repaired. More like, replaced.

We used Country Chic Paint in “Sunday Tea.”

And for the second piece, a smaller cabinet, we used

the white-white color called “Simplicity.”

This little bugger was not ever varnished on the inside,

back when it was made, so I had to primer everything

to stop the bleed through of the stain.

The door handle/latch was given a coating of “Silver Bullet” metallic cream by CCP as well.

I could have sold this cabinet about ten times over, so many customers admired it in the shop

while it was being worked on.

Our client was very happy with the results of both pieces!

Now on to furniture of our own we’ve had waiting on the sidelines…

I’m working on a lovely French Provincial desk for a

young girl’s room. It is a bit on the “Princess” side.

Sometimes you just have to go with the character of the piece!

I mixed “Vintage Cupcake” with “Vanilla Frosting” to achieve this color.

Next I  need to give ‘er a top coat and she will be ready to go.

Can’t wait to bring it into the shop!