Nothing is Fina Than My Vintage LuRay China!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share something that I personally love to collect.

Vintage Lu-Ray Pastels!

These pink, yellow, green and blue colors

always cheer me and make my kitchen bright!

The colors even have names: Sharon Pink,

Persian Cream, Surf Green, and Windsor Blue.

This line of pottery was made from the late 1930’s to the early 1950’s by

a company called Taylor, Smith, & Taylor.

I’ve been collecting and adding pieces to my collection since 1992.

I guess that makes it about 26 years!

I found my first piece in a dusty section of an antique shop.

It was love at first sight.

Not a lot of the younger generations are into china or pottery or

vintage glassware. That should make it easier to find, right?

Not exactly. I found many of my rare pieces on Ebay.

But now I really love to find them on my own, instead.

I still collect unique pieces but I also like to add in some

that aren’t Lu-Ray at all but they “go-along.”

Like this set of tall drinking glasses. It took me a long time to find these.

While I do use some of my Lu-Ray on a daily basis,

everyone in the house knows that these are off limits unless

we are using the set for a birthday or other fun party!

More recently I found these wine or water

goblets that go well with the set.

Also on “display only” is this set of mixing bowls.

These are hard to come by so why risk it?

I do have some Lu-Ray for sale in the shop.

Stop in and tell me about your Lu-Ray collection,

I’d love to hear about your story!