Let’s Talk Vintage #130: Check Out Our Spring Finds and Arrivals! 1

Hello my vintage lovin’ friends!

It’s that time again, time to talk vintage.

What have you found that you are excited about?

This week I’m sharing some of our spring finds and new arrivals to the shop.

The last galvanized wash tub stand sold and we had its twin in

storage so this was one of our new arrivals.  The farmhouse

ladder started out as an extremely LONG ladder but my

hubby cut it down to size, perfect for displaying in a home setting.

This vintage patio table was black and really did not have

a good appearance. Rust and dust did not make it better so

I spray painted it white.  We had to order the glass top,  which is

expensive when trying to resell a piece, but the table looks lovely now.

 I was going through my craft storage bins and “found”

this cherub plate and glass candlestick. I have no idea how long ago I

had planned to make a bon bon tray stand but I finally completed it!

Even if the trendy ship has sailed on the interest for this type

of project I was pleased with how it turned out

and brought it to the shop!

Between the hubby and I, we finished this high boy dresser.

It has the same exact coloring as the last dresser that sold

so I’m not sure if customers are going to know it is actually a new arrival!

And last but not least, I am sharing my latest project.

I took a table that looked like this one (we have two)

and gave it a new look. 

Some may be disheartened to

know I painted a Victorian table but I like her

new style, don’t you? The top looks pink but

it is actually a lavender.  I have since

sanded it down, distressed it and gave it a coat of wax.

I think it now has a “Disney princess” kind of a look.


Thanks so much for checking out our latest pieces!

Your visits are SO appreciated! Your comments are too.


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She definitely has a talent for good stuff!

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she shared her Easter vignettes and a cake decorated

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If you were featured feel free to grab

this LTV graphic for your blog post or side bar.

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  • Lauren

    You have added some great pieces! I DO really love the dessert stand – that plate is stunning. So you painted the marble top of that table? Chalk paint? It really doesn’t scratch off?? I know what you mean about painting old pieces like that but it really does look so much prettier to me painted.

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