Vintage & Co. Home Décor Ideas: Brass is Making a Comeback 1

Could brass really be back?

I was checking out one of my favorite home décor catalogs (Ballard Designs) when I discovered that brass accents were back in style!

After working on this vintage/retro nightstand I discovered why. We shined up all of the brass drawer pulls and it looked stunning.

A recent customer must have thought so too because it has sold already!

But, I have some other brass pieces in the shop that are beautiful as well.

I’ll be on the hunt for some more great pieces, too.

Stay tuned!




One thought on “Vintage & Co. Home Décor Ideas: Brass is Making a Comeback

  • Amber

    I agree with you that brass is back, especially vintage brass. I noticed it starting to resurface about 2 years ago. I have fun board on Pinterest, Vintage Brass Is Back, if you would like to take a look! I also have a post with some of my really cool brass finds on my blog in the Junkin’ Finds category. Love your blog!

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